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David: Defiled by Disobedience

David: Defiled by Disobedience

  • David’s life went from the sublime (amazing) to the sordid (despicable)
  • Theme: Sin is any failure to live up to God’s standards. The product of a rebellious heart (Jer. 17:9), sin brings emotional and physical destruction.
    • First, David stayed in Jerusalem while his armies were at war (11:1)
      • “If you do God’s will today you will be in God’s will tomorrow”
    • Next Step of David’s sin was watching Bathsheba (ll:2)
      • Lust brings sin (James 1:15)
    • Third, David sent for Bathsheba (ll:4)
    • Fourth, David committed adultery (11:4)
    • Fifth, David covered up his adultery by murdering Uriah
    • “Adulteries have often occasioned murders, and one wickedness must be covered and secured with another. The beginnings of sin are therefore to be dreaded; for who knows where they will end.”
I. Pathway to Sin
  • Life-destroying sin is a process: David dabbled in “small” sins that gradually broke down his standards, eroded (wore down) his relationship with God, and opened him up to temptation.
  • Seared conscience
    • Weakness for white lies
    • Weakness for women
  • Unprincipled friend : Joab was a murderer who David returned to his position as commander-in-chief of Israel’s armies.
  • Lowered standards: Uzzah
  • Neglect of duty: David did not fight with his men but stayed back
  • Failure to flee
II. Consequences of Sin
  • Murder
  • Incest, adultery, jealousy, and upheaval plagued David’s house and kingdom to the day of his death.
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