Slave Chapter 2 Handout


In reading the description of what it meant to be a slave, what do you consider to be the benefits of slavery for the slave? (pg. 27)

A slave’s experience depended upon the goodness of his or her master. Since God is our master, what kind of experience should we expect as His slaves?

The exodus from Egypt did not give the Israelites complete autonomy. Rather, it issued them into a different kind of bondage. Those who had once been the property of Pharaoh became the Lord’s possession. Read Exodus 19:1-8.
How would you have responded if you had been there at the foot of Mount Sinai?

From the Exodus through the Exile and beyond, Israel’s corporate identity as God’s slaves was an integral part of the nation’s history. Many of Israel’s heroes, including Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Elijah, and the prophets are specifically referred to as His slaves.
 How does that fact affect your understanding of what it means to be a slave of God?

Prior to Paul’s conversion, then called Saul, had arrogantly and hypocritically viewed himself as religiously superior to others . On the road to Damascus Saul is confronted by a bright light and the voice of Jesus. Acts 9:5- “I am Jesus whom you are persecuting. 6. But rise and enter the city, and you will be told what you are to do.”
Describe your conversion experience. How did God change your heart, purpose, and priorities? Or how has God repurposed your passions?
heart- heart still yearns for sin but now it has a greater pursuit that can win over the other. The heart is deceitful but Jesus is powerful. I now have a yearning for his word.

James was Jesus’ brother, and yet he chose to call himself a slave in James 1:1. Now read James 4:13-15.
How does this passage fit within the slave metaphor? In what ways does it describe the attitude of genuine believers?
REACT (between you and God)
Our present and future relationships with God are set in the context of slavery. We are to be His slaves now and we will be His slaves in heaven  (see Revelation 22:3-4) What should your response be to our God-given role as His slaves?
It’s easy for us to see the first century Christians as spiritual giants. Yet, they saw themselves as slaves. 
What effect did that have on their lives? What would happen to the vitality of your Christian life if you embraced the idea of being a slave of Christ?
HOMEWORK: read chapter 3
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